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The Oscars vs thisishardcorefest

Who did it better?

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Anonymous asked: My friend asked if I wanted to smoke some weed with him tomorrow. I'm thinking about saying sure. Bad idea?


Not a bad idea!!! As long as u are comfortable! Def don’t ever let anyone pressure u into anything!  Weed is harmless though and can be helpful in a lot of ways. Just don’t go overboard! It’s vry natural and much safer than alcohol. There’s nothing morally wrong about it either!!! Just a nice way to feel good and experience things and fall asleep quickly. It can be different for everyone however! So I recommend at least trying it once. U should rly try everything once tbh, apart from like, hard drugs probably. Its important to experience life in different ways once you feel mentally ready, just never let a substance takeover & control u ^_^

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